The Avid Advantage: The Design Team
When you think of the word design, what comes to mind? Whether you're thinking of billboards, magazines, or even skyscrapers; design is all around you. At Avid Apparel, we believe that no concept is too small/big for us to handle. Equipped with the proper skill set and passion, our talented team of designers are able to take on any design challenges that comes their way. What makes Avid Apparel's Design Team the team to work with, you may ask? We asked our designers why they believe that working with Avid Apparel is a huge advantage for our customers.
Appliqué Embroidery (Tackle Twill) vs. 3D Embroidery
Has the thought of embroidery ever crossed your mind during a brainstorm session, but you haven't really decided what and where to embroider on? Look no further! Here's a quick lesson on the different types of embroidery styles that you can use for your next products!
What’s in Your Camera Bag?

Whether you're setting off to explore the city, or the designated photographer at family gatherings; you always want to pack light when you're...

The Avid Advantage (Video Series)

Looking for a custom clothing manufacturer is never easy. Maybe they don't carry a specific shirt that you're looking for, or maybe the...