The Avid Advantage (Video Series)

Looking for a custom clothing manufacturer is never easy. Maybe they don’t carry a specific shirt that you’re looking for, or maybe the team isn’t as passionate about your clothing as you are. But not anymore!

Here at Avid Apparel, we strive to produce your next best-selling product and focus on building a bond with you along the way. Before we start, we learn everything we can about you and your company. We believe in getting to know our partners to the best of our abilities to deliver quality products that are designed to succeed.

Whether you’re in need of a strong Design Team keeping up with current graphic & fashion trends, or a strong eCommerce team that work towards building a relationship with your customers while managing the back of the house with product fulfillment, each department works towards one goal: growth.

Want to learn more about the advantages with working with us? Check out our series called: The Avid Advantage, launching on July 4th, 2016.

Stay tuned, Avid-listeners!

eCommerce & Fulfillment:
Design Team: Coming Soon
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Operations: Coming Soon

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