The Avid Advantage: eCommerce & Fulfillment

eCommerce & Fulfillment has been a large and growing part of our business. Not only were we focused on creating and providing premium quality apparel to our customers, but in becoming a full end-to-end solution in the industry, we needed to focus on selling products online, and delivering products to every province, state, or country.

Whether you need custom gift wrapping, kitting, specialty packaging, special inserts – you name it, it’s something we do in house, and it’s something that we have a hand on, that we can easily change or adapt to the business needs.

Returns & exchanges are inevitable to happen and as much as we can prevent them, we also process them here in house, as well as offer eCommerce support to your customers.

The same people that are making and shipping the product are the ones answering pre-sales and post-sales inquiries.

Part of the Avid Advantage of working with us is that you allow us to work on the little things, like manufacturing, production, distribution, customer service, eCommerce – and that allows you in turn to worry about the bigger things; to grow and develop your business to take it to the next level.

We set out to continuously refine and master the process of eCommerce and fulfillment to truly become the one-stop shop for quality custom apparel.

Check out our Avid Advantage: eCommerce & Fulfillment video here!

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