Appliqué Embroidery (Tackle Twill) vs. 3D Embroidery

Has the thought of embroidery ever crossed your mind during a brainstorm session, but you haven’t really decided what and where to embroider on? Look no further! Here’s a quick lesson on the different types of embroidery styles that you can use for your next products!

Applique Embroidery (Tackle Twill)


What is Appliqué Embroidery?

Appliqué Embroidery (also known as “Tackle Twill“) is a 100% polyester fabric the is woven into a strong twill pattern  – strong enough to withstand even the toughest conditions (I’m talking about you, you pesky dryer).

The polyester fabric has a high glass coating that is applied to the surface, which adds smoothness and shine to the fabric. Because of its high glass coating, it ensures minimal fraying to the fabric.

When can Appliqué Embroidery be used?

Appliqué Embroidery can be the best option when it comes to more athletic apparel. You will see a lot of these embroideries on sports jerseys, since they need a strong enough fabric to resist an athlete’s every movement.


Appliqué Embroidery can also be used on toddler’s clothing! Remember that “blanky” that you always used to carry around with you when you were little? Those will most likely have an appliqué embroidered design on the corner of the blanket.

3D (Puff) Embroidery


What is 3D Embroidery?

3D Embroidery is when a foam is inserted underneath the top stitch to have a more elevated surface – giving the garment a more 3D look.

There are usually two rounds of embroidery; one is to create an outline of the design and keep the foam in tact to the garment, and the second layer of embroidery is the actual outline of the design over the foam.


When can 3D Embroidery be used?

3D Embroidery is best used on thicker garments that doesn’t require that much washing, such as, hats, jackets and other outerwear. It’s perfect for having that subtle ‘pop’ design to your garments. 3D Embroidery is favoured by a lot of sporting wear.

Starting to understand the difference between Appliqué and 3D Embroidery? Let us know which one is your favourite!

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